Start thinking about yourself!

There is nothing more comforting than an evening of reflections with quiet music and fairy lights hung in the room, creating a mysterious and magical atmosphere. On such evenings I like to slow down for a moment and reflect on the things that are important to me in life, make plans or make resolutions. Every day, probably like most people, I’m too busy to spend time on such “trivial” things as figuring out whether what I do in life is right, am I lost somewhere, or if something could be done better. Sometimes, however, we must talk to ourselves to find out what we really want and need. The period of upcoming Christmas and soon New Year’s Eve, when the gloomy-days are replaced by thinking, we turn on to the resolution-making mode.

For a long time I wondered under what slogan should I start living by and I think I finally found it. I admit, this phrase is quite trite, but if you translate it into certain situations of our lives, it seems very real.


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Why do we let go, when we really care?

A wise person once told me that I should never let myself believe that there are things which are impossible…
To never take it to heart when someone tells me, you are not going to make it, because you’re too weak… I mean, how can anyone decide and comment on how much of yourself you can give, and how much you can’t?


But only recently I realized that it is one thing to listen, when someone is trying to set you down on your ass, when your head starts to swing in the clouds, and quite another thing is when you alone, decide that that your ass will never move too far from a safe place.

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Paris is always a good idea…

Travelling. One word that can bring so much joy.

I always knew I wanted to see the world. At a very young age I would never even think I would be able to do what I have done this summer. To me, travelling always seemed luxurious, because honestly, it truly is. All the experiences and memories lie deep in your heart forever. This summer I was privileged to travel around Europe with someone special.

First destination: Paris

Day one: After eight months of planning, 25th of August has finally came. It felt like a dream. The realization has only hit me when we were ready to take off to our first night in Paris.


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