Paris is always a good idea…

Travelling. One word that can bring so much joy.

I always knew I wanted to see the world. At a very young age I would never even think I would be able to do what I have done this summer. To me, travelling always seemed luxurious, because honestly, it truly is. All the experiences and memories lie deep in your heart forever. This summer I was privileged to travel around Europe with someone special.

First destination: Paris

Day one: After eight months of planning, 25th of August has finally came. It felt like a dream. The realization has only hit me when we were ready to take off to our first night in Paris.



As excited as I was, I was also afraid.

Day one was filled with unexpected events. After arriving at the Charles de Gaulle, we were beyond confused – I was not at ALL proud of my memory span. I fell in love with Paris in 2008 after visiting it for the very first time. We began our adventure with unexpected platform inconveniences.  Nonetheless, we have FINALLY made it to the correct bus, questioning the French bus ticket system.

Shortly after arriving at the Libertel Canal Saint Martin Hotel, we ventured out to see the neighborhood. Located right beside a canal, we spotted a lot of cosy places filled up with public. It somehow felt so homely. Adam and I decided to go for a few drinks and since the kitchen was already closed, we got offered a plate full of ‘appetizers’ which was a nice gesture!

Our thoughts on the hotel: Clean, modern yet homely design. Professional staff, EXPENSIVE breakfast deals and a good quiet location. Air-conditioning, TV facilities, amazing bathroom design and a lot of complimentary add-ons. Would I stay again? Scoring 8/10 Yes.


Day two greeted us with 30 degree Celsius temperature and clear skies. Our morning couldn’t have started without a French baguette and some croissants!


As I am a little crazy about my itineraries, the one I planned for day two was pretty intense. Starting off from our hotel to the Sacre Coeur. After an hour and a half of what seemed like intense hike we finally got there!


The panorama takes my breath away every time. Oh it is so beautiful. After listening to some live music, appreciating the beauty of the cathedral itself as well as its surroundings, we headed in the direction of the Notre Dame.


Outfit details: Top: Topshop, Skirt: H&M, Shoes: H&M, Shades: Primark.


Eventually stopped by a local artist – we could not resist! P.S. It was SO hard to keep the same face expression for SO long! We were SO happy with the result!


Following a beautiful 1.5 hour walk, we finally reached the Notre Dame! To me, this is such an iconic place and always reminds me of The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Walt Disney



What caught my heart back in 2008 when I have visited for the first time, were the beautiful streets. Not only the unique and clean architecture, but the nature incorporated within the city. It just feels so right. ❤



Being in France and not buying a ‘stereotypical’ red beret?


After AN AMAZING and tiring day we headed up to the Champs Elysees and the Eiffel Tower. I always struggle with finding the words to describe the beauty of this landmark. Known all over the world due the unique design and the modern facilities. Allowing us to appreciate the beauty of Paris from above. Forgetting about our lives and focusing at this right moment…This was my first time experiencing it at night, and it was definitely the right choice (okay, APART from the wind associated).


As we came a little earlier than planned we gave in to the trading skills of the locals and drank a few beers under the Eiffel Tower. I didn’t complain. I was doing what I always wanted. Chilling with my best friend, Adam. I even got a rose. And a kiss. All in my favourite place in the world.♥


The next day started off rainy. As we have seen a lot of things on day two, this was a complete chill-out-wander-around the streets kid of day. I loved it. The rain didn’t stop so after purchasing souvenirs (mostly magnets for my mum) what have we done? OBVIOUSLY went for a beer – I mean ‘Classic Karolina’…


Outfit details: Dress: H&M

The next super early morning was super scary. It was the start of our TRAIN adventures! Trains from Paris to Bruges was not the most convenient but we made it.



Outfit details: Top: H&M, Bottoms: Topshop, Shoes: H&M

My Tips:

♥ Bring comfy shoes! (Even if it means carrying a spare pair in your handbag!)

♥ Don’t over-do on the luggage – you can wear things twice!

♥ Don’t eat out more than once a day – buy fruits for snacks! Be strict with yourself.

♥ Paris is HUGE – if you choose to walk, download the Google Maps (and I repeat: GOOGLE maps. Apple maps = disappointment) Save some Cash & Experience more of the city!

♥ Watch your handbag! (Keep zip at the front)

♥ DO NOT and I repeat – DO NOT give in to the street money gambling. You WILL hate yourself.

♥ Make sure your camera is charged.

♥ When looking for souvenirs, do not buy everything at one stand. I looked for hours to find the cheapest deals (you know me) – save some cash! #studentlife

♥ Don’t argue with your travelling buddy – love life : )

♥ Keep all of your expenditure records in a notebook!

♥ Bring a coat in a neutral colour

♥ Have fun and be GRATEFUL!

Overall experience: I loved every bit of it and I CANNOT wait to be back. I’ll always love this city.

To be continued…


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