Start thinking about yourself!

There is nothing more comforting than an evening of reflections with quiet music and fairy lights hung in the room, creating a mysterious and magical atmosphere. On such evenings I like to slow down for a moment and reflect on the things that are important to me in life, make plans or make resolutions. Every day, probably like most people, I’m too busy to spend time on such “trivial” things as figuring out whether what I do in life is right, am I lost somewhere, or if something could be done better. Sometimes, however, we must talk to ourselves to find out what we really want and need. The period of upcoming Christmas and soon New Year’s Eve, when the gloomy-days are replaced by thinking, we turn on to the resolution-making mode.

For a long time I wondered under what slogan should I start living by and I think I finally found it. I admit, this phrase is quite trite, but if you translate it into certain situations of our lives, it seems very real.


What I mean is the statement – “Start thinking about yourself.”
Why is thinking about yourself so important? For years, I confirm in the belief that if someone feels happy, they are able to give more of themselves to others and they know how to make most of others. For a happy person, happiness which they share with others, comes back with multiplied force. I strongly believe in that. But let us ask ourselves an important question – How to become happy? It turns out that for many people it is difficult and sometimes poses a serious challenge. Sometimes people focus so much on the failures and obstacles that they forget about the first thing you should do. Firstly, you should think about accepting and loving yourself. You should try with all your strength to focus on positive things in your life. You should take care of enabling yourself to feel a sense of happiness, even in difficult situations in which you find yourself, and not only when everything goes like clockwork. Therefore, I think that everyday you have to try to muster the acceptance and happiness, day after day all will get better and better, and maybe even pleasantly surprise you – there will be more reasons to be happy. So sometimes you have to tell yourself:

– Hey! You’re amazing!

Think what you could do for yourself and what would help you to love yourself. But do not wait and do not put off fighting for yourself for later, because only action will allow you to be who you want to be.

I understand that you have to strive for your own happiness, because life is too short to waste it on complaining, feeling sorry for, discontent, or other things like that. And if we do not take our lives in our own hands no one will do it for us

I would like to delve into yet a different side of “not thinking” about yourself than the one described above. I read about it in many places, listened to different people and towards the end of the day, I happen to meet statements about the fact that many people lack the time just to concentrate on themselves and their own happiness. They say that they put too much focus on others rather than on themselves. Some call it sacrifice, provision of assistance, being helpful, and others call it being naive, submissive, having lack of assertiveness or giving people permission to take control. Well, it touches a lot of people – including me. Sometimes I suffer from a syndrome “you need to bring the salvation to the world” sometimes forgetting about myself and my own needs. Well, “suffering” from the syndrome because of quite simple reasons – firstly it is often stronger than me, and secondly it gives me a tremendous sense of accomplishment / happiness / satisfaction and thirdly I really like it. However, everything would be fine, if I wouldn’t sit on such evenings like this and not think – Damn, and where am I in this equation? I have so many ideas, plans and dreams, but I have no time to make them a reality, because somebody needs me. Or so it always seems to me like. This is the moment of telling myself “STOP”…


And here I have to thank all the wonderful people who enlightened and directed me on this road,  Karolina, do not try to make everyone happy all around, think also about yourself. I therefore thank you. Guardian Angels, who are the most important people making me who I am now, for molding me, sometimes without even knowing it. By the way, I would recommend about thinking who is your guardian angel, because each one of us is influenced and shaped, sometimes neatly by brain-washing, when it is necessary – now is definitely the time to thank them. I have these exceptional people who I really appreciate, because thanks to them I learned that my own definition of happiness should include this very important element – thinking about myself first. And when it’s all nicely summed up, the recipe is ready -> If you think about yourself and your happiness first, and only then for the happiness of others, that implies both the possibility of offering them a lot lot more of your time while keeping a good balance in life, living it in your own way. According to me, the perfect combination. You might be reading this thinking that I am an idealist who thinks that everything is so simple and … basically, you are not wrong.

I believe that being happy is simple, because by all means I do not want myself to make it harder than it should be, since sometimes life itself makes up different challenges and obstacles. I want to believe in and follow this idealistic definition, because it simply makes our lives easier and better.

As discussed above, in the future, I hope you will think about yourself, and do what makes you happy. Allow to find yourself in the hustle and bustle of life and allow yourself to fulfill everything you dreamed of before, when you didn’t “have time”, because through this you become better, stronger and happier.

Much Love, Karolina

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