In Bruges…

I’ve never heard of Bruges. To be perfectly honest, I had no idea what did it look like or what was it famous for. With no research whatsoever, we decided to choose it over Brussels, as we liked the idea of the unknown.

The train journey from Paris to Bruges was long and stressful, or so we thought it was. With a few train changes and a lot of waiting getting a chance to discover a part of Lille on our way was a little bonus to pick us up.



4 hours of travelling got us to the most beautiful city – Bruges!

I couldn’t believe in the beauty and charm of the streets. With weather hitting 30 degrees Celcius, it took my breath away. And when I say took my breath away, I mean literally (too warm to breathe to be perfectly honest, but damn how I miss it).

What I love about Bruges is that I somehow REALLY felt home. I have mentioned this in my post about our adventures in Paris, but I promise, to me, Bruges feels like a town from books I’ve read when I was a child, (not that I’m an adult, but anyway 😉 )

Thoughts on the train station: Really easy to get around, close to the town centre, and situated in a really beautiful location!

Our hostel was situated near the windmills – a ‘long’ walk according to the locals 😉 (“it’s 8 minutes away? oh I better take my bike!”)



Bruges is a UNESCO heritage site, where even urinating in the bush is strictly prohibited. THANK GOD for that. Everyone treats the surroundings with respect, and I really wish people around the world valued theirs in the same way… The buildings are truly beautiful and I hope they stay graffiti free for the rest of their existence.




The most beautiful Belfort at the Markt and the most beautiful man! ♥



1 hour into being in Bruges and we’re drinking beer




Outfit details:

Top & Shoes – H&M, Trousers – Topshop, Shades – Primark



Stopping for Belgian waffles!!! As you can see, they were beyond AMAZING ♥ P1000354 P1000361


The next day was an early morning for us both – we were ready to discover this beautiful place! For the whole duration of our stay we stayed in St Christopher’s InnsThe Bauhaus, and to be completely honest, the staff are AMAZING (a lot better than some hotels, because they actually CARE), the breakfast is AMAZING (and included in the price), the location is AMAZING, and the shared rooms didn’t bother me at ALL.

If you feel a little apprehensive about staying in a hostel, you’re missing out.


We started the day actively with a 3h bicycle ride around the city. Climbing the windmills. Appreciating the amazing weather. Watching some acts and drinking more 9% beer. So there you have it.





Outfit details: Dress: Topshop, Shoes: Dorothy Perkins, Necklace & Shades: Primark


As our time was limited and we wanted to learn more about the places visited, we took 2 hours out of our time to be a part of a free tour (which at the end is worth as much as you are willing to donate). The tour guide was amazing and a lot of fun (not a stereotypical individual). Taking us to some iconic places such as the parks, Beer museum, chocolate shops and sites used for the movie “In Bruges”. I LOVED every bit, I mean beer and chocolate included. What’s not to love?



After that, we headed to the place recommended to us by many. (and I cannot even remember the name of it!) Due to a great demand we had to book a table a day before, and it was totally worth it. AMAZING value for money (staying on that budget!), great food and I loved the outdoors!



Outfit details: Dress: Primark, Blazer & Shoes: H&M

My Tips:

♥  Wake and Get up 3 hours before your train departure to allow yourself enough time! (Nobody likes stress)

♥ Buy small souvenirs (if you want to take them home!)

♥ Bring FLIP FLOPS (all de germz in the bathroomz!)

♥ Drink Belgian Beer. Cheap (at a supermarket). You won’t have the opportunity to drink it in the UK. Because why not.

♥ People in Bruges are so chilled out! Don’t stress!

♥ Take free tours – and then donate, the tour guides are doing an AMAZING job!

♥ Don’t settle for expensive places to eat, you need to act tactical! 😉

♥ DO not and I repeat DO NOT take public transport. Why would you? WALK! It’s great for you and for discovering the city!!

♥ Don’t leave your stuff on your hostel bed, lockers are cheap and they save you a lot of worry – JUST in case 😉

♥ Get to know people! They have so many interesting stories!!

♥ Enjoy your time.

The next morning was the time to leave. The night was super stormy and quite scary, because the UK never experiences such storms, but in a way, it reminded me of my childhood. I hope this photograph expresses my sadness. I loved every bit of Bruges and I will definitely be back. I judged a book by its cover (or even worse, without seeing the cover) yet I was pleasantly surprised. By all means this place caught my heart and I am SO glad we made it here.

I can’t market this city enough, it has a charm no other place I’ve visited had. It’s known as the ‘Venice of the North’ and I can’t wait to visit again!♥

And most importantly, I had the most amazing time with the love of my life, Adam. I couldn’t have imagined it any other way. ♥

Much love,


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