How to deal with stress?

We live in such generation in which stress is present in almost every aspect of our lives. At work as well as outside of it. Either from necessary reasons, or sometimes just by trivialities – It exists. It can be annoying. Recently, I started to get a lot of experience about this matter…

Since I can remember I was always the person who panicked before each test, an exam (not to mention the A level exams – horror of horrors!). Over time, I got a little used to it, but not enough to completely eliminate it. It’s weird, because some situations, colloquially all stressful don’t affect me as much. Even a job interview – with them, for example, I have no major problems. If, however, take into account the actual duties of the same job – here is the point of a start of steep stairs.

More recently (since only 2 months) I started working at a retail store in Guildford. Well, yes, I am a novice sales assistant who only gets to know this area from the backstage. Few people realize at first, the responsibility in the profession until they begin to practice it. Cooperation with customers (who are totally different), is terribly stressful. It requires great concentration, precision and accuracy. And above all, it requires self-control and ability to work under pressure and stress.

I am also a second year student, course representative, a cheerleader, a blogger and an Italian language student, as well as a member of an entrepreneurship society.

It is this pressure and stress that annoy me the most. I am who I am – I do not like to give up, and I do not like to do something without giving my best. If you are already involved in something, you do it 100%. Therefore, the more I engage myself in professional matters, the more professional issues consume me … and my whole energy.

This is what irritates me the most in all of this. I take care of my body and my health, and I feel like stress is taking what I work hard and consistently on from me. These days I feel weak, listless and irritable. I don’t have as much energy in me as I did at the beginning of the year, which also does not have a great affect on me. After work, I come home exhausted to the point that sometimes I’m not able to move out of the bed.

I do not give up, however, for the past two weeks I began to speak common sense to my own self – otherwise it would not improve. I controlled stress and at the same time I noticed what helps when I feel stressed.

And I am going to share this with you today! 🙂 So let’s get started!

  1. Take a deep breath

Seemingly obvious – DUH Karolina, you have discovered America! But you know what? This kind of superficial and trivial action really helps in stressful moments.

This week I had a couple of situations that brought me to tears (and it happens that I rarely cry). I said to myself, stop. I put down everything for a few minutes on one side, closed my eyes and concentrated on my breath which was certainly reminiscent of wheezing after a hard interval training. A few deep, calm breaths and exhalations allowed me to normalize my pulse, and also refresh my mind. Heart rate returned to normal, and I took the work up again. And I made it!

  1. Find time for yourself

Responsibilities will remain responsibilities, but if you feel they are overtaking your whole mind – leave them alone for a few minutes. Take a break. For me, this little moment of relaxation can be even a cup of tea, or surfing through some websites (which in fact I shouldn’t even look at as they are a MAJOR distraction e.g. ASOS and YouTube :P)

How about outside of school work? Even a short walk through Guildford helps. Or even a quick walk home. A good cup of hot chocolate along the way. Just like that, anywhere without haste, as if you are not worrying. I forget about returning home to homework and assignments, that I have to prepare dinner, that I must get enough sleep to work, I forget about reading textbooks, paying the bills, that I will need to tidy my room, and about what I have to do for university this week and if I can really make it on time.


Simply put – turn yourself off on all your obligations! Direct your thoughts away from them! You will gain nothing worrying and stressing over them anyways.

  1. Look at things from perspective

Some situations are controlled, yet others are not and you have to accept that. You can not give a 100% in every job if this is too much for your physical and mental health. You have to remember – above all that YOU are the most important here!


Give in and do not regret it this because of your feelings. Reading a quote, which certainly would be able to inspire another post is – “Act, but do not meditate about action”. Let yourself do your own, but do not be attached to outputs and outcomes, because in fact the result of our work are influenced by many other factors, which often we no longer have any influence on…

  1. Separate work from LIFE

Because work is not everything, unless you’re the lucky one and seriously doing what you love most in the world… If you are still looking for a happy path – welcome to the club!

Recently for the first time, it happened that I had to work under a lot of pressure while in a very dark place in my life. I was so stressed out that I was not able to concentrate on relevant information and efficiency, because of that, I became being terrible to people I love. That gave me food for thought – because work is work and life outside of work is a life outside of work. End of. Dot. Should I leave all the assignments for a certain time and take care of them the other day, rather than lug them home with me, and let them take more of my relaxation time?

Remember – Draw a thick line between separating work from personal life. Do not neglect your family, friends, or even a hobby, just to cope with all other obligations! Do not let them take over your head because it can bring unpleasant consequences.

  1. Take it out on the FLOOR

My favourite! Nothing, absolutely nothing helps more than a strong, hardcore ‘dance’! Usually in my bedroom, playing motivational music, so loud that the bass shakes up the floor! This is it!

And you are probably wondering, how do I have the energy? Sometimes I do not have it, but rather – I tell myself that I do not. – Because the body always has more strength and energy than it tells us. Sometimes during studying, working, waking up early etc. I happen to cry, scream, yell at myself, but you know what? After all, it brings incredible feeling of relief. Nothing else gives me such a purification of the mind, as all these things do. It’s like running up a high hill – it’s hard for me to climb, but once you shoot the summit, we feel blissful victory and quietly again we fall down.

So no – I’m not always smiling from ear to ear and full of energy jumping and stamping. Sometimes it’s a real fight – I Vs. my head and my weaknesses. But generally I always thank myself that despite everything I gave myself a kick in the ass (and made it!).

  1. Reward yourself

There’s nothing wrong with shopping therapy after a hard week (if someone can afford weekly trips! (I personally can’t #studentlife but it happens from time to time!). Treating yourself to your favourite coffee, occasionally your favourite Nutella, the beautician, spa, hairdresser, a weekend getaway to another city – I could keep talking without end, it depends on preference!


The award – is a different idea for everyone – for some a chocolate bar for other new perfume, for others new cheerleading trainers (mum, please!), for others a new book – however you perceive it – reward yourself for your hard work!

  1. Relax

Relaxing and unwinding is a very important part of the day. Usually I get home, quickly eat something before I start to work again, I wait half an hour until everything goes to my belly and I start again! In the meantime, I plan my next day, getting my outfit ready and other stuff like that. In effect? I do not have time to sit on the butt and just relax.

For me, such rest is an evening reading a book or watching YouTube and TV series. Shower or tub with bubbles have soothing effect on me. If I add my favourite beauty products, it’s hard to pull me away from them.

Nail painting! Such a trivial task, but focusing on painting a nail with a brush can be absorbing, and at the same time relaxing!

Even gentle stretching in a quiet music with closed eyes – if you have trouble sleeping, I recommend!


And even a dream – a very important part of this puzzle, by many neglected and overlooked. I am an involuntarily early riser, I have no problem staying up late, but in the morning I fall like a fly. I care about getting enough sleep and even sometimes (rarely) I happen to fall asleep during the day – when I’m already extremely exhausted. So what? Everyone deserves a good dosage of sleep – it’s not a waste of time.

  1. Find something that distracts you from reality

I already got used to such a system that I have to read (but mostly listen) to at least a few sentences before I am able to sleep. It really helps to calm me down and take my intrusive thoughts away. I usually read several books haphazardly (usually two) and choose the one that best fits my mental state on a given day.

Love stories, fictions, guides and motivators – they all have a purpose to make me focus my thoughts on the book and the words contained therein, and not on what is my reality.

  1. Understand that your health comes first

And this seems to be the conclusion of this post – remember that your health is the most precious treasure you possess. If you enjoy it, you do it. You cannot afford to allow work stress associated with it lose your attitude.

Because it is easy to lose, and hard to recover… Think about whether the situations that bring you into a stressful fringe, are really worth it? Hint – probably not.

Sometimes in this whole race of everyday life we lose each other to such extent that we devote all the strength just to cope with the task. And we forget that nobody can return the dedicated energy and power. There is no magic, miraculous charger, which we can connect to for 5 minutes and feel reborn.


And that’s about it for today! Have you got some of your proven ways to relieve stress? If so, I would be happy to find out!

Meanwhile I am sending a lot of hugs and great luck with the battle! ♥

Much love,


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