I AMsterdam

Amsterdam. It is one of the greatest small cities in the world. From Amsterdam canals to world-famous Amsterdam museums and historical Amsterdam sights, it is one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Europe.

Differentiating from anywhere else by legalisation of prostitution and Marijuana, it has been a place I’ve always been curious to see.

We’ve arrived at the Bruges train station to see it delayed. Me and Adam are a very chilled out couple so it was a minor issue. It was truly sad leaving Bruges… I fell in LOVE with it. However, I was BUZZING to ‘move on’ and discover Amsterdam.


22 hour audio book turned out to be extremely handy for education during my free time 😉 I’m not going to lie – I have fallen asleep during it numerous times due to my napping habit but HONESTLY – this book is amazing. It made me pay attention to the habits of my life and is definitely a one I will come back to listening – but what is it called? – The Success Principles by Jack Canfield – his voice is amazingly therapeutic!


Awww I’m SO cute! (lol)


Awww WE’RE so cute! 😉 ❤ arrived at Amsterdaam Central! Hell yes. It felt like hell. Sweatin’.



Oh the beautiful architecture!! Oh the so-chilled-out VIBE!!!!


We have obviously decided to walk to our hostel. It has been situated beside the beautiful Vondelpark, which would be a perfect location for a morning run (I mean, not that I would know…). The walk was beautiful and exhausting, why so warm, Amsterdam??

After (finally) arriving at the hostel (which was filled with teenagers taking naps after what I think all night rave) we decided to go for a coffee shop adventure. We were engaging with the local culture and the ‘cuisine’! 😉



My Adas bought me flowers. Isn’t he the best? ♥♥ (yes, he is!)

Visiting a coffee shop was a must. I mean, local culture, right? 😉 Surprisingly, the servicescape was extremely cute and elegant.



This day ended with a trip to Burger King (we know we know…) but it was a great end to a great day! The sleep was great, oh so great. I can honestly say I will definitely be back (soon)!

The next day was another early rise, with an itinerary plan of attending yet another free city tour –  whoever invented those, you are a GENIUS (value above all)!



It’s crazy to see these special seed shops scattered around the city! How tolerant are we all? It’s fascinating!


Our evening ended up beautifully, with a romantic canal cruise…


As much as living on a boat is beautiful to some, it would be a nightmare of nightmares for me… >_<


7 bridge arches lit up at night ♥ there is so much beauty in everything! (getting emosh)



Our time in Amsterdam was coming to an end…

What have I loved about it?

♥ The amazing, unique architecture! I realize I will mention that in every travel post but I am a real sucker for that. I truly believe the different styles have so much power in how we perceive life, y’all know what I mean, right?!

♥ Tolerance. I have not visited the red light district (for personal reasons haha!) but I quite like the chilled out attitude Amsterdam has about that as well as marijuana. There are more problems in the world that are so much more serious, so on that note I believe the Netherlands have a good outlook on life.

♥ BICYCLES!!! Honestly, I haven’t had a chance to hop on one of them while IN Amsterdam but DAMN – people are beautiful. Without contributing to the carbon footprint, they are still enjoying life ♥ Bicycles are amazing (but they are!!!). Dump the car and make the best of your limbs! 😉

♥ Our hostel – Flying Pic Uptown, amazing breakfast, amazing staff and everyone is lovely (a.k.a. nobody is stuck up, pet peeve!) We totally recommend!

♥ The weather was BEAUTIFUL all throughout our stay♥

Any negatives?

  • The city is confusing in finding the right place! – okay I have done Gold Duke of Edinburgh but it STILL didn’t help.
  • Attractions have SUPER long waiting lines (duh I should have booked online) which meant I haven’t visited the Anne Frank house (so sad about that).
  • Bike hire was totally up there, 20 euro per day? I mean gurl, me broke.
  • I wish there were more outdoor landmark attractions!

Much love,


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