When motivation says GOODBYE …

Healthy lifestyle… Healthy eating, endorphins floating in the blood, beautiful body, smiling face and wonderful mood. Everyone constantly talks about that, right?

You think to yourself – “whatever, I’ll try to be that!” Your imagination is sprouting the idea of “better me”, the beautiful athletic body and perfect lifestyle. Motivation increases, the resolutions roam in mind, nothing but to take action. And then you do it – healthy diet, workouts, study hours and activities are planned. You give 100% of yourself every day to just reach your goal. After a few months, your energy is falling, and with that, your motivation… You’re sick of all this. And you give up on it for good.

Burnout? Overtraining? Fatigue? You think to yourself that you suck, because yet again, you give up? And it is always that you constantly fail?

Nothing could be further from the truth – the loss of motivation is normal and willingly or not – gets to all of us. Each of us has the right to have total lazy moments, sometimes. Each of us has the right to have enough of healthy food and work, which reigned total madness. Each of us has a right to be tired. Each of us deserves a total reset once in a while.

Motivation is a tricky beast. One day it’s on the millionth level, and it seems to us that it will never expire. On the second day it does not exist at all, and we are stuck on the ice, fighting with our own thoughts and mentality.

How can we recover from it and get back on the right track? First of all, you have to have a little talk with yourself. Think about the reasons why you do not want to do it. About what is the reason – laziness, or the lack of strength? Bad mood? Fatigue? Nothing works better than a sincere examination of conscience with yourself. There are a few things that help me when my motivation has bad days… What is it?

♥ Instagram!

Instagram is a mine of inspiration. I follow my favourite accounts for several years and posts of some people always help me. And not because they write that everything is going to be easy, light and pleasant, but because they write that they also do not want to suffer from a lack of time, and I love the fact that they post photos which show amazing results and strength! There are millions of motivational accounts so it is hard to pick a few that are really worth a watch – for my part I recommend Mimi Ikonn’s account – https://www.instagram.com/mimiikonn/ which is simply amazing. In addition to posting her photos, Mimi also regularly talks about what is important in life – love, health and being a good human being. She gives a super strong kick of motivation! My second favourite instagrammer is Think, Grow, Prosper – https://www.instagram.com/thinkgrowprosper/, which send an everyday portion of positivity to my day, everyday.


Nobody, really nobody tells you to study 7 times a week and read 100 pages a day. Start by adapting your plan to your state of mind and the amount of free time that you can devote to that. That can also be applied to training, practicing a skill etc. Someone once said that “it is not the quantity but the quality that counts,” so in accordance with this principle, each session is a good session, and certainly better than none. Think about the fact that even 15 minutes of exercise allows you to raise your heart rate and burn calories. Do not think “what is a 15-minute workout”, think “damn, I was so tired, but yet still self motivated myself to do it!” In addition, plan which days you want to do and when you are free. This will allow you to keep disciplined, which in fact is the key to success in life.

♥ Friendships

I’m talking about creating contacts with people with similar interests, and preferably those who love working like YOU. For me, the motivation is undoubtedly with other students and bloggers. For several months I have met so many positive and positively twisted people that almost every day I draw from them a dose of motivation. It is amazing how one thing, or a positive comment can make my lack of strength and motivation rotate in 360 degrees and create an incomprehensible force that translates into action of doing something productive. And do not get me wrong, the point is not to earn as many likes and followers and be in competition for outdoing in popularity. I had nights I cried about my essay writing to my best friend, who’s five minute conversation helped me like nothing else. One acquaintance with a person who can help is irreplaceable by even thousands of others. Again – not the quantity but the quality that counts!


These three points help me a lot in keeping my motivation at a decent level. Because of the lack of time and health problems, I had to significantly reduce hustling, but it was never so, that I gave it up completely. And even if I cannot always do my best, I always choose activities that help me in the long term. It’s a pleasure.

Take care and do not lose your motivation! You motivate me and I motivate you – REMEMBER THAT! ♥

Much love,


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