The beauty of life

For the most part of my life I didn’t know the real beauty of it. Up until the age of ten, living in Poland without an internet connection – I can honestly say these were the best days of my life. Not to say moving to the UK is my biggest regret, because the universe had this in plan for me, and I wholeheartedly accepted it. It gave me strength and beautiful memories, as well as some great life experience.

What I wanted to share with you today is the REAL beauty of life – life beyond internet connection, smartphones and money.

No matter if you are going through tough times, trust me, it gets better with time ♥ I never knew how strong I was until being strong was my only option, and guess what? I love myself for that. The human mind is beautiful. What lead to my constant complaining about how my life wasn’t great, how I’ve got so much going on or how much someone has hurt me – I was only fooling myself. You have power over your emotions and thoughts, no matter what others say or do to you, it’s all in your hands.

And because we are all developing our souls constantly, we can only try to be perfect. But the thing is, perfection doesn’t mean happiness. Does it? Does having amazing and expensive possessions make you feel grateful for simply BEING ALIVE?

I don’t have all these things. I don’t have a great car, the most expensive phone or designer clothes, but what I do have, is an attitude to life most people lack. I wish everyone the state of mind I currently hold (and I hope it is not going anywhere anytime soon!). I learned to appreciate the crisp air, the sun peaking from in between the trees, my beautiful dreams and even the little chit chats with customers at work. When someone crushes you to the point you start to think life does no longer make sense without them, pick yourself up. Look at all the things around you. Look where you are now. You’re an independent woman, who decided to move from her hometown to become successful. After all the years of bullying and people doubting you, you managed to work hard, with all the obstacles around you, just to prove you’re worthy. And here you are. You’ve became an amazing and confident human being, who never quits. When was the last time you called in sick to work? When have you told yourself to quit and just live a mediocre life? You never have.

Don’t all these things you’ve been through, show you, that you can conquer anything if you only wish?

That’s the real beauty of life.

Get out of that comfort zone. PUSH yourself. If someone pushed you, climb out of that pit and live your beautiful life.

What we all forget about is that we are so so young. I’m not even 20, and have already been planning my future 10 years ahead of it actually happening. Live the little moments. If you are having a great day, don’t let something or someone ruin it.

The past few days made me realize – things that make me see the real beauty of life:

  1. Nature

I am fortunate enough to be at a university with such beautiful surroundings. I can’t imagine a life surrounded by grey buildings and no nature whatsoever, and although I do love cities, I only love the ones where nature is at close proximity or incorporated in the city itself.


Look at all the nature around you. Do you hear the birds singing outside your window in the morning? Squirrels on fences and the morning sunrise? The amount of organisms in this world is beyond crazy. Think about your life, when you look at the world, the Earth, when you think about all the life on this planet, your life doesn’t look like it matters. And honestly, when you look beyond the imperfections of getting a low grade, disappointment or a really bad hangover, be grateful to just be alive and healthy… Think about your life, if someone is doing you wrong, overcome it and do whatever it takes to keep your mind off it – because feelings will drive you crazy. Nothing is worth more than your own happiness, and happiness is a choice of focusing on the great things in life. Nature is always there for you. When you need a breather away from the so called hustle and bustle! – Disconnect yourself

2. Music

Nothing beats some happy music vibes. My personal favorite that always ALWAYS picks me up after a miserable day is Scouting For Girls. I honestly don’t know what it is about them but since it started off my first year at uni, it will always have a special place in my heart. Not only because they sing about love, ups and the downs, but because I feel like their music aims to make people happy and honestly – I’m smitten ♥

My personal favorites:

Scouting for Girls – It’s not about you

Selena Gomez – Who says

Alex Goot – Lightning

Gabrielle Aplin – Panic chord

These don’t necessarily make you jump up-and-down but they have a special vibe! (do you feel me?!). I also sing. Yup. My neighbors love me for it.

Because music is a great way of sharing feelings – think about what the artists felt when writing them. Do you see that everyone has issues of some sort? However do they just bottle their feelings in and decide to be miserable? No. They sing about it. Letting it all out. Life is beautiful because it doesn’t stop for anybody. Because the universe believes you can get through anything – because (surprise surprise) you CAN. Take the chance!

3. Friends

I cannot stress that enough. Friends and family are everything. Great friends will always be there for you. On my own skin, I experienced both types – the ones that actually take care to listen to you, help you, advise you, let you cry on their shoulder, spend hours talking to you just to make you feel better – and others – who listen to you and say everything will be just fine. Have you ever felt that difference? I have. By now I know who is my true friend and who is just an acquaintance, and quite frankly, it sucks to know people you thought would be there with their whole heart just leave you there to let you deal on your own.


Lucy B – My sunshine ♥

On a positive note, when you realize you have quality people in your life – life just becomes better. If you haven’t found them yet, or are in denial and are still believing in the ‘magic of popular groups’ I cannot wait for you to realize. You will believe in yourself. Your confidence and trust levels will go up. You won’t ever feel alone again. Relationships with other people are so important – you’re surrounding yourself with the family you choose, so choose wisely, the right people will make you love life (again).


Philosofia – the woman of Wisdom ♥


Hometown girls ♥

4. Getting off social media

Drastic, I know. I wish I was able to come off it completely. Damn I am probably in a deeper addiction hole than most of my friends – and that’s what caused my anxiety. The fact that you can see what your friends get up to is great, but when you get into a habit of invading and obsessing over other people’s lives – that’s when your happiness is drained away from you. What I learnt is that I shouldn’t care what goes on in other people’s lives. My life is all that matters. I decided to focus on myself, without getting jealous over other people’s success, fun or whatever ‘better’ things they might be getting up to – I am not trying to say I am jealous over people’s success, but I sometimes get anxious about the fear of missing out. Social media is such a huge problem that makes so many things seemingly unimportant – important. So what if Sally was out with Ben last night? (lol) Facebook made me lose trust, and I kind of ‘hate’ it for it (but duh, I’m still there).

Using social media less and less (but still using Instagram to capture and share my positive memories) allowed me to focus on what is going on in REAL life. Like my Christmas shopping list. Assignments. Tidying up my room. Putting more effort into the way I look. Organizing. Taking walks.

My goal for 2016 is having a detox day every week for the next year – I can do this!!

To end this rather heart pouring post, find beauty in everything in life, because honestly, it’s all there ♥ Whatever you’re going through, it will ALWAYS get better if you only choose happiness. Have an AMAZING life♥

Much love,

Karolina ♥



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