When 2015 says goodbye…


Coming over so very unexpectedly… 2016 will mark my 20th birthday. It seems that only a week ago I’ve started my second year at uni, and here we are, a time of changes is coming. Changes everyone is hoping for… Although this year seemed so short, looking back, I can see joy, achievements, struggle, and quite frankly, life. To me, it seems as if I live super independently. At a glance, 2015 appears as a year of constant work. However, although pleasure comes in second place, my year was great. Hard, SURELY, but great.

My greatest moments and lessons from 2015…


♥ I took 13 safe flights (airport fanatic)

♥ Successfully achieved 1st honors in my degree despite doubting myself

♥ I rode my bicycle and walked wherever I could

♥ I read 7 books (which actually strike a spark in my eyes) getting me closer to my desired number of 10!

♥  Visited 7 countries this year!

Worked for my own expenses and did not ask my parents for help (this makes me so proud I want to scream!!)

♥ I became a course representative at my uni!

♥ Improved my eating habits! (a little, haha!)

♥ Successfully completed my GGA French! (I am so rusty!)

♥ Stopped buying excessive nail polish and make-up! (YES!!!)

♥ Learned to budget and not stress about the money 

♥ Met new people and engaged in new, positive friendships

♥ Became 19 years old. ah.

♥ Reduced my obsession with Netflix! (until exams are done:P)

♥ Drank 11% beer in Bruges


♥ Ate dried insects for the first time

♥ Got a new job – someone finally believed in me!

♥ Started learning Italian, finally!!!


♥ People walk out of your life, let them go if it’s draining you

♥ Love is tough, and hard work

Long distance relationships WORK

Minimalism is a great way of life… Achieve it this year!

Travelling is my absolute passion. I can’t imagine a life without it

♥ Being good to people is gratifying and rewarding, stay kind

♥ Money is NOT everything

♥ Put yourself first

♥ Work hard.

♥ Don’t take up too many things – negative pressure gets too tough

YOU have the power to be happy at any point in your life. It’s your responsibility and choice!

My resolutions:

♥ Keep in touch with hometown friends

♥ Wake up earlier every day of the week (before 9:30 a.m.)

♥ Work out at least once a week (gotta go back to my happy gym life someday!)

♥ Allow yourself a technological detox day once a week

♥ Travel to at least 4 countries

♥  Read/listen to 10 books

♥ Start vlogging!!!

♥ Spend weekends at the library

♥ Learn to control negative emotions – I’m worth more than that

These ‘little’ things will bring what I lack in my life. I am addicted to technology 😦 I am SUPER lazy when waking up!!! Studying was never something I was good at. Procrastination is my best friend/enemy. I hope 2016 brings a lot of joy and strength and will again be an unforgettable year (and slow down!!!). I know I have the power to make it amazing. And so can you. Good luck!

Stay Grateful for your privileges in your life.

Much Love,

Karolina ♥

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