Lezioni Universitarie


If you’re wondering what the REAL life of a university student looks like, you’ve come to the right place.

Now, let’s make it clear, it is different for everyone. The party animals, ‘rich’ peeps, food thieves, the night owls and so on… I am a mixture of all those things (excluding financially stable haha), how has uni been treating me so far?

First of all, how am I at the end of my second year ALREADY? I only moved into my halls a week ago! 😦 Where has the time gone? You see, at uni, it just so happens that we unintentionally start living from one deadline to another. That’s why we’re all here, right?

Life at university isn’t just learning and attending lectures. It’s the constant battle of creating a routine! If you’re not in the library, you’re in lectures, working at your part-time job (if you’re ambitious enough, of course), watching Netflix, dying while carrying your groceries up the stairs or dying with hangover. Sounds easy? Ha-ha, not to me!

For the most part, I now consider Guildford my second (or third) home. I feel great waking up here everyday! It’s fun to live with all of your friends and have that independence. Below are some points I experienced at uni SO far, enjoy the ride!

Library is your second home.

Remember the A level days when library closed at 5 p.m.? No more hun! Prepare to spend at least a few all nighters, the library never closes. #loveit

Food is precious. 

This is a funny one. We all claim we never do it, but 100% everyone has. It usually affects the milk, butter, oil and ketchup and we only realise when it’s done by the whole house. Warning: can cause house drama so don’t over-do it!

Say goodbye to your teaspoons and tea towels.

Self explanatory.

Creating a healthy and productive routine is not easy! 

I’m not sure if it is just me, but creating a routine that I’m happy with never seems to work. I wish I was one of these people who are happily up at 6 a.m. for their morning jog and then carry on with all of their responsibilities. Still struggling!

YOU are responsible for what you eat.

Our parents aren’t there to provide us with meals anymore. Checking labels, cooking and maintaining a healthy diet doesn’t always come naturally. But doNUT worry, bread and pasta will always be there for you haha! (You seem to fall into phases.)

YOU are responsible for your studies… </3

Although I have never been nagged at by my parents (in hope I would learn to be disciplined on my own) many students find it hard to motivate themselves to study. There is nobody to check up on you, meaning you will find yourself starting your report two days prior to the due date. I’m guilty of this, but it somehow usually worked out :S (I don’t recommend this behaviour, stress levels = 3000)

Money matters 

I remember coming back home for Christmas after my first semester with £6 to my name. And I thought I was stingy! But hey, at least I didn’t touch my overdraft right?! 😉


Wut. There is no way you can BS an essay anymore </3 (most of us still do find our ways though)

Mental health is something real

I considered myself a strong person during A levels! Yes, I have done terribly bad at my AS however I got out of it with no scratch at the end. High school was just grades and banter with friends. As Uni literally involves all aspects of social life, sleep, eating, relaxing, working etc. by the time you know it you’ll suffer from stress and in my case anxiety. It comes out of nowhere even if you think you can handle everything! Remember to slow down, we’re not machines after all.

You WILL lose friends

Whether intentionally or by accident, people you thought will always be there will start to drift. Keeping in contact is hard, so you tend to prioritise people who you really love. You’ll also realise who is real and who isn’t. And trust me, you won’t miss them. This quote pretty much sums it up: ”

“The most amazing realisation in life is how much world has to offer, but the most depressing realisation is how little time we’ve got to do it all”

Don’t take life too seriously.

Afterall, we’re all here to have fun, develop and learn. Learning our degree is our predominant goal, but if you ask any university student, they’ll agree it isn’t the lectures they will cherish most. A failed grade or just missed 1st Hons isn’t going to change your life!

“The best things  in life are the PEOPLE you love, the PLACES you’ve been and the MEMORIES you’ve made along the way.”

So even though the money is tight, you worry about whether or not your grades will be enough, forget about the worries and enjoy, tackle and live every day of your life – even when things seem REALLY tough on you!

Uni taught me so many things about myself and I can’t imagine not being here right now! I recommend it to everyone.

Sending all my love and luck to everyone reading!

Karolina ♥

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