13 Ways to Parisian Style

Yes, I’m that someone who fell in love with Paris instantly. I’m not only a hopeless romantic (who believes her wedding should be hosted at the Eiffel Tower) but I’m also incredibly fascinated and awed by the fashion sense of French women. To me, it stands out from the mediocre of excess cleavage so very welcome by our generation. The elegance and femininity, is what I truly believe real sense of style is all about. Through my own experience of following style icons such as Eleonora Sebastiani and reading Jamie Cat Callan’s Bonjour, Happiness!  where French women are described both personality and superficiality wise, I picked up a few tips on their style which I will share with you today.

…à vos marques! Prêts? Partez!

1. Stripes

Ideally, a simple Breton striped top should be one of your wardrobe staples. Easy to dress up or down, it brings a fun pattern and texture without being too loud. French women do not wear a lot of patterns, and when they do, it’s usually something classy and toned down.


2. Longchamp – Le pliage 

Without throwing out a big stereotype, it is undeniable at least every third woman in Paris owns a Longchamp handbag. Nylon La pliage, being an affordable, simple and practical option features on shoulders of many women all over the world. However, as a French brand, it gets special support within the French communities, for very obvious reasons.


3. 3/4 high waisted A line skirt

Perfect for accentuating your waist and making you appear taller (if paired with a pair of heels) full or pencil 3/4 skirts will add a feminine 40s fashion touch and send you back to the epoch of elegance.


4. Black, red and white 

Classic block colours paired together give a clean, effortless look at the same time giving you an edge and space for a statement handbag, or as mentioned further on, an umbrella.


5. The neutral trench

Personally, one my favourite pieces. The coat in itself helps to style any outfit, and is considered to be a wear with anything. Regardless of what you’re wearing, this classic piece automatically brings Parisian vibes to your door.

6. Touch of detail

Details matter, but always remember that most of the times, less is more. Gold touches here and there add an illusion of a more put together look, in comparison to wearing numerous bracelets and three types of necklaces. Rolling up the sleeves will also make you look more put together and relaxed.


7. Black and sleek

It’s all about the fit! Little black dress, especially a well fitted one, will give you a mature and chic look while still keeping it simple … and remember, have fun with the styles! Try out different cuts, find out your best features and dress accordingly to your body shape. You can never go wrong with black.


8. Statement piece

As mentioned previously, classic block colours give you space and opportunities to go for louder statement pieces. Here, I am wearing a beautiful The Deluge by Brellini (kindly gifted to me). Spice up a simple look and let that create a unique combination which will undoubtedly differentiate you from the crowd!


9. Pastel colours

Bring the romantic, girly vibes by pairing neutral, pastel colours. A blush against a clean white shirt creates a young and fresh look. Keep it flowy and feminine with earthy coloured handbags and romantic wavy hair.


10. Classic red lip

Red lip, classic, thing that you like. Pretty much self-explanatory. Sometimes, however, it can be considered quite femme fatale.

11. The beret

Remember the cartoon, Madeline? Her beret was her (and rest of school girls’) statement piece which just screamed France! Yet again, go for a bright red, a navy, or any of the colours mentioned above.

12. Heels

Grow a few centimeters and show off your catwalk! Practice walking in heels and master it to perfection. A good pair of heels will not only boost your confidence but improve your posture and bring a piece of sexy to your overall look.

13. No need to flaunt

Finally, as you have already (hopefully) noticed, to me, Parisian style speaks volume through its simplicity and the idea of less is more. Many times, sexiness is portrayed stronger by covering more than showing off more. Instead, let your chic style and great personality shine!

Before you leave the house, take a look in the mirror and take one thing off ~ Coco Chanel

Much love,

Karolina ♥

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