The BINGO Theory – A revolutionary guide to love, life, and relationships.

Relationships are like a mirror, they show us what we need to learn.

About the author:

Mimi Ikonn is an entrepreneur, YouTuber, and a passionate maniac of self-growth. Along with her husband, Alex Ikonn, she co-founded Luxy Hair and Intelligent Change (Five Minute Journal and Productivity Planner) and the Dreamers & Creators in London. To me, Mimi differentiates from the majority of famous public figures as she has relatively humble beginnings, yet has proven to create her own success and dream life.

After following Mimi and Alex for years, their new projects and products have always excited me and kept me alert for every one of their launches. When I first heard Mimi is writing a book, it was like she has finally heard me. Although watching her videos gave me a great deal of information, I always dreamt of having her advice on hand whenever I go. The Bingo Theory, being a book based on relationships, sounded like a perfect match as at the time I have been struggling with this aspect of my life.

The overall concept:

The Bingo Theory focuses on explaining and training you to balance your masculine and feminine energies which are within all of us either by majority or minority. This is in order to become a Bingo.

What is a Bingo? A Bingo is a winning combination of both masculine and feminine energies. This inner balance is crucial in order to have a better relationship with yourself, attract your perfect romantic partner, improve your existing relationship, as well as have a fulfilling career. It is not that people have either masculine or feminine energies. Everyone has both, however, through conditioning and external factors, these energies are usually not balanced. When they are not balanced, the individual doesn’t experience their full potential in having a great relationship with themselves and others.

There are many ways through which the energies can be balanced, and these are listed in Part Five: Bingo Dating (E.g. leave love letters, share decisions, share the chores etc.)

Amongst many feautures, having a leading Feminine energy means you are empathetic, expressive, free-spirited, cultured, caring, emotional and creative. If your strength energy is Masculine however, you are likely to be athletic, ambitious, reliable, honest, lacking empathy, impatient, controlling, logical, competitive, unexpressive and judgmental. These are only some of the characteristics mentioned. The point of becoming a Bingo is to balance out your negative traits e.g. becoming more responsible in terms of finance, losing the need to have control or developing empathy. It is the balance of both of the energies. Through putting more emphasis on one of our energies e.g. being super emotional and not thinking logically, it can be damaging.

I can not remember the last time that I was reading a book which made me disappear from this world. Do you know what I mean? When you turn the pages and you can not stop. When you do not eat or drink, to only read further and further. When you reconcile with the characters and their problems, and what is happening in the book that you are not able to return to your reality. When you’re absorbed by the pages, but at the same time do not want to get through to the end. And finally, when you finish the book, and you are not able to say a word… You sit suspended in space, not believing that it’s over. Sometimes you weep as a beaver. Have you had that before? Because in this case, after reading this book, that’s what happened to me.

The good:

The book is really easy to read, which allowed me to finish it in a day. This is not necessarily a good or a bad thing, however it is purely a preference. I enjoy books which are easy to read, as long as I still manage to register the information. If a book is too complicated to read I often find myself reading words but not hearing or absorbing them, which is a shame.

There are many chapters which structure the book well. Case studies of Mimi’s four friends (whether real, or not) help to associate the theory in practice, further proving the idea of energies affecting our lives everyday.

The Bingo Theory includes exercises such as the finger test and the strength quiz which allow you to identify your leading energy (feminine or masculine). When you discover the leading energy which you most relate to, there are a number of ways Mimi suggests will bring out the energy which is not your strength. These are very practical and guide you easily, instead of giving a philosophical explanation which is interesting to read but difficult to apply.

Chapter 20: The Bingo Relationship in Action: Alex and Me, made me cry. Now this could be just my feminine energy (which I believe is truly my strength) affecting me and sparking my emotions. It’s amazing how Mimi decided to share something so personal and touching with her audience.

The book includes many practical guidelines for different types of relationships, which are all very descriptive and been given the same amount of effort than for example the section relating to the relationship Mimi and Alex share.

(Sneak Peak) These include…

  • Chemistry: The Feminine Strength Female and The Masculine Strength Male
  • Balance: The Feminine Strength Male and The Masculine Strength Female
  • 50:50 Partners: The Masculine-Masculine Relationship
  • Fireworks: The Feminine-Feminine Relationship

Quotes. Within the book itself there are many pages which are dedicated to a single quote. This way the meaning of the quote is emphasized more and I also found that this touch of detail adds value to the read. It is something the author has also used in products such as the Productivity Planner and the Five Minute Journal – and it works!

The bad:

On the other hand, the simplistic nature of the book can be a drawback as well… In my opinion that only relates to readers who really mind the sophisticated language and words.

The price of the book could also be a drawback to many, as it is not under £10, and not yet available in stores. This personally was not a huge problem for me, but I must admit I kept checking the delivery tracking every few hours!

I have spotted a few writing errors but this has not diminished my impression of the book, as I know it happens to everyone (I also spot many errors in my essays after submission, ugh!).

Overall, the book is a practical relationship guide which provides you with advice on bettering yourself everyday. It’s a must-read for people who have only started their journey with self-development, and is a great option to step away from the fictional novels!

Check out these videos to learn more!

Much love,

Karolina ♥


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