Why coconut oil, is a pure coconut miracle!

I must share with you my admiration for this product, I just do. Because, the fact that coconut oil is a miracle, is not subject to any doubt. If you are wondering about whether to implement a miracle in your life, I am sure that after reading this post, you will not even think twice about it.

Coconut oil has been visiting my house for a long time – I used it much earlier, before the outbreak of the fashion for “superfood.” But – I did not use it for culinary purposes, but only for cosmetic purposes. Yes, coconut oil is associated with the culinary part, and we forget how precious and sensational it can be as a cosmetic! I will write far too much about this too, so do not worry. 😉

What is it?

It is one of those products that can definitely fall into the category of a super food. It belongs to the group of vegetable oils, produced by pressing the hard flesh of coconuts. It consists of saturated fatty acids – including: lauric (mainly), palmitic and stearic, as well as unsaturated fatty acids: oleic from group of omega-9 and linoleic acid from group omega-6. It consists of small particles, which are absorbed through the skin, being a mine of valuable ingredients.

Which one should we choose?

The number of coconut oils on store shelves is huge. We can mainly divide them into those that are refined and the unrefined. What is the difference?

First, properties – here unrefined definitely wins, because it has better health benefits. Unfortunately, during the refining, oil loses much of its nutrients by subjecting it to a chemical process, which is usually done by using chemical solvents. To add to this, it is filtered and cleaned, which typically also results in having a longer consumption period.


In favor of unrefined oil, the smell is also affected – it smells beautifully, just like a rafaello! (dribble guaranteed!), while refined oil is completely odourless. These oils also vary in consistency, as the oil which is unrefined, is more creamy and smooth, and rapidly dissolves even by heat of the fingers. Refined oil is more compact and usually contains the lumps.

What is therefore in favor of refined oil? Definitely its price, because it is usually a lot cheaper than raw. But I definitely, in spite of everything would recommend investing in a fresh, unrefined and pressed oil.

When choosing pay attention to the label. Manufacturers often conceal this important information with which oil we are dealing with. If it is not stated right away which oil is it, refined or unrefined, watch out for slogans like “pure” – i.e. cleaned, refined, or “virgin” – unrefined.

Properties, or what I love it for!

Well, not without reason, coconut oil is considered, as one of the healthiest in the world. But why?

As I wrote in the beginning – in addition to containing a multitude of saturated fatty acids, such as lauric acid – which is antibacterial, antifungal and helps to cure any infection – palmitic, caprylic and stearic acids, and unsaturated ones, such as oleic and linolenic acids, also contain a multitude of vitamins: vitamin B2, B6, C and E, folic acid, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, sodium and zinc. Linoleic acid is a strong champion here in terms of skin and hair care – it improves skin hydration, accelerates its regeneration and cell renewal as well as regulates the function of the skin. The coconut oil also includes a lot of minerals, vitamin E and many other natural antioxidants.

Coconut accelerates metabolism – improves the digestive system and prevents the accumulation of fat, which is of course recommended for people who want to get rid of excess weight.

It supports immunity. It increases body strength – hence it is recommended for people who love practicing sport, because when ingested, this oil gives an incredible energy boost.

It supports the work of the heart and increases the HDL (good) cholesterol. Ingestion can aslo result in the reduction of appetite (could be a disadvantage to some!). Acids from the oil also support the brain.

How do I use it?

Here you definitely can crush it into two parts: one part is cosmetic, the other culinary.

Hair care products

First – coconut oil is the best hair conditioner, in which you can invest. Nothing, but absolutely nothing gives my hair such nutrition and effects, such as the use of coconut oil (on a budget!). How do I use it? – I just dissolve the oil between my fingers and distribute it onto the hair and scalp gently while rubbing and massaging. I bind the hair in a bun and sit with it even for a few hours, if I have just enough time – if I do not have enough time, it can even be half an hour. Absolutely nothing bothers me about it, and even the presence and smell have a soothing effect on me. After a few hours, I wash my hair as usual. And that’s it. The magic you see after hair-drying. The hair is shiny, soft to the touch and pleasantly moisturized. Less static electricity, and strangely enough – a little less fall out. 🙂

Face care

Make-up remover – is the best. It cleanses the skin from all colourful cosmetics, which we apply to our faces. It dissolves them, without irritating the skin, on the contrary, it soothes and calms it. It does not work as irritating as cleansing gels, but usually cleansing gels alone can’t cope with makeup. Therefore, I cleanse my face multiple times (just two, don’t worry!) – first I treat it with this oil, putting it onto the face, massaging, to dissolve what’s on it, and then wiping everything with a cotton pad, after that I then use micellar water. This mix works for me perfectly. Overall, my face knows it best!

For moisturizing – sometimes, when my skin is very unhappy, I like to put on oils. In fact, I always have some – I use them especially in autumn and winter, when I need strong hydration. Usually I reached for ready-mixed oils, which there are currently many on the market. Recently, however, I began to mix them – and here of course, the coconut oil appeared. Sometimes I use it alone, patting it into the skin, sometimes mix with other oils (eg. Argan). It works perfectly. Not only does it moisturize and nourish, it also soothes any changes of different origins. Coconut oil has antibacterial properties. All dry skin or redness disappear. I put it on in the evening of course, as it is best to do it right after a bath, when the skin is cleansed, when pores are still open. Then the oil will work faster and more efficiently.

Body care

Body care – is basically the same story. In this case, however, I usually mix it with body lotion or body butter. I do not use it every day, because my body is not inherently dry. On a daily basis I would probably use a body butter instead.

Natural deodorant. Yes. It’s bizarre. As I said before, it has an antibacterial function, so works great if you’d like to stop using cancer causing aluminium containing deodorants available in stores!

In the kitchen

In this case, my household uses it for a few things. Frying – whether it is vegetables, whether pancakes or even roasting nuts… Healthy baking pastries, muffins and such. I know that some people also use it instead of butter, spreads, or add it to tea or coffee – I however have never used it this way, but in previous cases, it works perfectly. 🙂

…oh, and it’s vegan! ♥

And you, do you use coconut oil? Do you like it? Are you considering introducing it into your daily routine? I can write a summary in four words – It’s totally worth it!

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