5 Natural Beauty Alternatives To Swap For Today!

I have always been intrigued by how many cosmetic products women (and modern men) use on an everyday basis. It gave me some food for thought, because as much as we enjoy using them, it doesn’t always feel right to pack your skin with chemicals that don’t naturally occur in our bodies. For this reason I have been trying to incorporate products with more natural ingredients into my everyday routine and here are a few with which you can start your natural beauty journey today!



Probably the hardest change, and probably one of the weirdest. A salt-rock deodorant. Because our bodies’ natural mechanism is to sweat in certain situations, we use deodorants to mask the unpleasant smell of it. ‘Normal’ high street deodorants smell and look very appealing however a lot of them include a lot of Aluminium, which is suspected to be involved in carcinogenic processes as it is not a physiological component in human tissues. An alternative – the crystal deodorant, lasts for months, is easy to travel with, and usually includes only one ingredient: salt! The salt crystal is hypo-allergenic and you only need water to make it work. I personally use the Crystal brand however there are are also brands like the Salt of the Earth or even the spray version to choose from. The crystal won’t stop you from sweating but will prevent you from carrying around a nasty smell.

Lip Balm


I was always a fan of lip balms, and a few years ago I would continuously go overboard with the amount that I was buying. Some of them still unopened, I tried to battle through and use them all up, until I couldn’t be do with damaging my lips further. Many of the lip balms on the market almost make our lips addicted to the products, and the thing is, would you rather be addicted to something packed with chemicals or would you rather choose the healthier option? I think you know the answer. The first step I took was the change of the lip balm I use every day for obvious reasons, and I ended up with the Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm in Calla Lily. I have however been lucky as found it in a pound store as it is probably an older line of the brand! I am trying to be more minimalistic and focus more on quality rather than quantity, therefore in the future, I won’t hesitate on paying a couple more pounds when I need a replacement – lip balms usually last for months so if you multiply the price by how many months you have used it for it is easier to justify the price 😉 (which isn’t that steep anyway!).



I made a switch to more natural skincare products as I haven’t been happy with my skin for the past two months due to recent lifestyle changes which caused my hormones to buzz and flare my skin up. From that time I decided to focus more on my skincare routine and replaced a couple products with ones with simpler, more wholesome ingredients. Because the root of the problem of my skin condition currently isn’t in what I put on it but rather comes from hormonal imbalance, these products haven’t completely cleared my skin in the past month of using them, but my skin feels less sensitive and irritated. I have changed my cleanser to the YesTo Blueberries Smoothing Daily Cleanser, the ApiClear Manuka Doctor Facial Moisturising Lotion, Manuka Doctor Skin Treatment Serum and Tea Tree oil to use at night to combat the blemishes. In the past I have also used LUSH products such as the Aqua Marina and Buche de Noel facial cleansers and Eau Roma Water which have also worked very well back when my skin was a little less problematic.




Every other time I wash my hair I coat the ends in coconut oil (see the miraculous properties of coconut oil in my previous post here) to act as a nourishing hair mask, and coat the roots with castor oil. I use castor oil to aid the growth of my hair (washing my hair twice after using it) while coconut oil nourishes the ends which usually are quite dry. Both of these are completely natural but give many benefits. A lot of hair products make our hair feel soft and shiny by coating them in silicone but with time weighing our hair down and preventing it form absorbing moisture, which is certainly not what we want and should avoid as much as we can. To add to the topic of hair care, switching to a more natural shampoo once in a while will also aid our hair (and the world). Personally, I have only used the Godiva Solid Shampoo bar from LUSH and found it very moisturizing, not stripping and very fun to use.



Did you know that there are many studies which claim that fluoride is actually damaging to our teeth? It is a little controversial considering we were conditioned to think that is good for our teeth throughout all lives. I am not an expert however I recommend you do your own research – ‘normal’ toothpaste isn’t necessarily tragic because it does help with sustaining a cleaner smile however if you’d like to try out a 100% natural alternative, I would recommend the Kingfisher Fennel Natural, Fluoride Free Toothpaste or Comvita 100 Natural Propolis Toothgel. Coconut oil (here we go again!) has also been proven to be a great, natural teeth whitener. I am sure you have seen the brand Coco White advertised on social media. Did you know that the only two ingredients of Coco White sachets are coconut oil and flavouring? Save some bucks and get yourself a jar of pure coconut oil instead. I haven’t used this technique as of yet because I find it hard to commit (fish memory), but I am hoping to try it and see for myself very soon.

What do you think of switching some of your products to more natural alternatives? Do you find it beneficial and feel less guilty using them? I would love to hear what you think!

Much love,

Karolina ♥

As always, all views are my own.

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