3 Lazy Day Winter Office Outfit Ideas

Winter is in full swing, and isn’t stopping for anyone! Working in a professional office environment where a pair of joggers and a hoodie aren’t approved while having to wake up extremely early to catch our morning train can be tricky – especially when the air con isn’t working to our favour. But fear no more – here are my three favourite, quick-to-put-together outfits for those chilly days at the office.

Navy Uniform

This formal yet not an ‘over-the-top’ outfit is my go-to for days when I’d like to look more put-together and smart. Classic shirt and a blazer ties in nicely with the simple cut of the skirt. The square scarf acts as a statement accessory and most importantly, keeps your neck covered. To keep the outfit winter-friendly I’m wearing black tights and boots as I feel comfortable pairing black and navy, along with my current favourite handbag.ff6
Shirt, blazer and skirt – H&M. Handbag – Cath Kidston. Tights, boots and scarf – Primark.

Comfy and Cosy

One word: basic. In the most positive meaning of it. There are days (most days) I forget to iron my shirt and prefer to snuggle up in a turtle neck. This is when my trusty black on grey combo comes in handy. While the high-waisted, fitted skirt is keeping the look professional, the black turtleneck is doing a job of keeping me warm, super comfortable and in my opinion giving me a somewhat sophisticated look (I have a thing for higher necklines!).f12f15
For this look, I would usually wear a pair of rose gold earrings to bring in a little more light to the outfit, along with black tights and comfortable chunky boots for extra comfort. F16.jpgDetails: Top and skirt – H&M. Handbag – Cath Kidston. Tights and boots – Primark.

Grey on Navy

f20Another variation of a sweater-on-skirt look, this outfit combines all of my favourite colours to wear – grey, black and navy. I was always afraid to pair a bit of a chunkier, textured sweater with a tighter skirt – but this combination has changed my mind. Not only is the navy skirt popping against the grey, it’s also one of the easiest outfits to throw on in the morning – no ironing required!  f23
…and this skirt has pockets. What else does a girl need? 😉 f22Details: Top, skirt and trench coat – H&M. Handbag: Cath Kidston. Tights and boots: Primark.

And as always, don’t forget to throw on a coat and a hat before you leave the door! There are certain things we would sacrifice for aesthetics but not so much during the winter season ;).

Much love,
Karolina ♥

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