10 Items I Always Travel With

Say hello to all of my favourite, ride-or-die travel items I take on every flight. Are you wondering how to optimise your travel experience, save some cash and don’t lose out on comfort? Take a look at my top ten, maybe it will turn out that our heads think alike, or maybe you’ll gain some inspo you never thought of before?

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Escaping Winter – The Algarve, Portugal

Being in a long distance relationship comes with its ups and downs, but meeting that special someone in a place you haven’t visited is a major perk almost making you love the circumstances.

Portugal was on my list since many of my Portuguese friends became family. And, as you may know, your curiosity spikes and in turn want to know more about your families’ homeland. And so, the circumstances have allowed me to spontaneously decide to explore the undiscovered and very under-rated region of the Algarve.

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