10 Items I Always Travel With

Say hello to all of my favourite, ride-or-die travel items I take on every flight. Are you wondering how to optimise your travel experience, save some cash and don’t lose out on comfort? Take a look at my top ten, maybe it will turn out that our heads think alike, or maybe you’ll gain some inspo you never thought of before?

travel wallet


You’re allowed one piece of cabin luggage meaning you haven’t got a handbag – use a travel wallet to keep all of your documents together and prevent losing things in compartments of your luggage. P.S. doesn’t it just MAKE you want to travel?

camera gear.png

Duh. Say hello to the obvious! Try and pack all of you electronics into one bag and make sure everything is protected, you’ve got spare batteries, and that you’ve got that memory card… To me, this is the most important item I bring with me, so I make sure to pack it first.

blanket scarf


If you’re anything like me, and you end up being a cranky little kid when you’re uncomfortable, this tip is for you. Are you tired of not being able to get comfortable on a plane or has the air-con suddenly been turned up a notch too high? Whip out your massive scarf and show everyone how it’s done.

packing cubes

Yet another packing trick, yet another game changer. I am not going to lie, I am obsessed with packing – it is just so much fun! Packing cubes allow you to pack more, be more organised and many times avoid creases. And remember, if you fold and roll and THEN pack it into the cube, you get extra credit! 😉

lightweight carryon


It may seem as if a lot of airlines make it a goal of theirs to reduce our carry-on allowance to a minimum with new measurement and weight policies coming out each year. It got me particularly frustrated when I was ‘forced’ to fit my rather large handbag into a small hard-shell carry-on at one occasion in my life. I didn’t realise back then however that all I needed was a bigger carry-on (maximum measurements of 56 x 45 x 25cm) but also something that wasn’t going to take a lot of weight. And so, I found my one and only – IT World’s Lightest Trolley Case and I can’t recommend it enough. Save space, money, strength and stress! P.S. and it comes with a 10 year warranty (!). P.P.S. I love this carry-on THAT much (see photo above). handbag

To get rid of the stress of squishing your handbag into a carry on at the gate (something some airlines love to surprise you with) invest in a fold-away bag or backpack. Not only does it reduce the space, but it will also act as another accessory and make the trip much more comfortable. My favourite includes the Longchamp Le Pliage and look-alikes.

book 2


You’re on a flight, and you’ve got a few hours to do whatever you ‘want’. Not feeling in the mood to do anything work related, or maybe you’re travelling solo? Prepare beforehand and download a podcast or pack a thin book to keep you entertained throughout your flight. There’s no better time to absorb all the knowledge!comfyThere have been way too many occasions I have packed stilettos and shoes that looked nice instead of which were comfortable, and I have learned my lesson. Unless you’re a fashion icon that gets photographed every minute of their life to make a living, you won’t want to explore the world in sandals that rub your heels every step of the way – put on some good old trainers and take on the world.emergency outfitOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Living in Northern Ireland with the ever changing weather has made me cautious about being outside, as a super hot day can quickly turn into a storm. When exploring the world, wearing a cosy outfit when the sun is shining is the last thing we want to do – pick up a small packing cube, cram in long bottoms and a sweater, and change into them when the evening gets chillier.

healthy snacks

You might not think about these when your stomach is full, but trust me when I say you’ll wish you have packed or prepped a few snacks once you’re up in the air. In my world, plane food and snacks are a little pricy and not on the healthier side, so I usually avoid them. Instead, I visit a health food store beforehand and purchase a few energy bars or nuts, and I’m one less stressful situation down.

So here they are! My top ten flight / travel essentials that make travelling a whole world easier. What are your ride-or-die travel ‘buds’? Let me know, I’m always up for learning new tips and life-changing advice!

Much love,

Karolina ♥

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