First Impression: Daysy – The Digital Fertility Monitor and Why I’ve Switched to Natural Contraception

Have you ever wondered if there is a natural yet effective and reliable way of contraception? I know I have. Well, meet Daysy – a personal fertility monitor – and find out why I’ve decided to make the switch and get rid of hormonal contraception for good.

Give Daysy a warm welcome – she’s here to (hopefully) change our lives for the better (and healthier!). Daysy comes in a practical and handy package – which takes you step by step on how to use it, take care of it, and all the information you will need throughout your time with it – the process is rather fun!



“Daysy is a fertility tracker that uses the fertility awareness method by learning and tracking your menstrual cycle. Daysy shows you the days you are fertile or not. This way, you can plan a pregnancy or use a hormone-free, barrier method to prevent a pregnancy. You choose.”

Doesn’t it look cute? Well, let me tell you looks aren’t everything honey! At its core, Daysy is a device that measures your basal temperature – then based on the software and through learning your cycle, it indicates if you are fertile or not. You are required to check your temperature every morning BEFORE getting out of bed – it takes less than a minute and the results show up immediately in a fun, colourful way – if you’re a visual person like me, you might get a little excited about the design!


The Daysy not only checks your temperature and records the changes, it also records your menstruation (when you let her know it is on) and lets you know when you are ovulating, in result learning your personal cycle and increasing its accuracy – as we are all so different!

Not only will you know each morning if you are fertile or not – if you want to take a look at all your previous readings, download the DaysyView app and connect your phone via a cord – and voila! You’ve got all of your cycles on ‘paper’.

Daysy is 99.3% accurate in preventing pregnancy (comparing to the pill – 99.7%) and has a potential life span of seven years (with a manufacturer’s warranty of two years).The technique itself has been in the making and testing for 28 years. Coming at quite a hefty price tag of £255, theoretically lasting seven years – it costs only £3 a month! If you also half it with your partner (which I personally think is fair and have done so myself) it will only equal to £1.50 a month – that’s a price of a coffee!


Now, I’ve had a few reasons I chose to introduce Daysy into my life, but it was predominantly due to my health. I’ve recently been diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism (meaning my thyroid gland produces too much thyroid hormones) and hormonal contraception was just a cover up for my symptoms throughout the years when they first emerged. I was not told WHY my skin was breaking out, or why my hair has been falling out like MAD – instead, I was just given the pill.


I didn’t question it – I thought – hell, the doc must know what they’re doing, right? It was not only until recently (6-12 months) that I started to question that. I thought – am I going to be reliant on this for the rest of my life? And so, I decided to go off it, and let me tell you, it wasn’t easy – all my symptoms came back, even worse. You can read about my struggle with skin problems and how I dealt with them here. I frantically ran back to another hormonal contraception method recommended by a friend – it was the Evra patch – convenient, and reliable I thought.

After six months on the patch, nothing was getting better – it was then that I figured out I can’t just rely on a drug that not only messes up with my blood, hormones, moods etc. but also contributes to the fact I don’t really know anything about my body. But at the same time, I wanted to be protected against pregnancy. And then, I discovered Daysy by watching one of my favourite holistic YouTubers – RawAlignment (check out her video here). I was INTRIGUED. How is this method not taught in schools or why was I not told about it by my (NHS) doctor? Not to mention that because of such a long use of hormonal contraceptives I have also been told my cholesterol is heightened (!).

To put it out there, when I received my blood test results, my GP has told me there is absolutely nothing to worry about even though my hormones were totally out of balance. I then decided to ask my naturopath for advice – it was MINDBLOWING. Tune in for a dedicated blog post all about my experience with a holistic doctor, very soon!

And so here I am with my Daysy. Ready to bring my physical and mental health back to basics. Hang in there for my review in 3-6 months where I will be able to tell you a little more on how/if I like it and if I recommend it. Until then, if you’re thinking about having Daysy in your life, read more about it here, check out other girls’ reviews online and have a read through some academic articles proving the accuracy of the fertility awareness method. You’re worth all the health in the world, girl!

Keep thriving for more,
Karolina ♥

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