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Life can get a little overwhelming at times, whether you’re an extroverted-introvert who needs time to re-charge their batteries from over-socializing, or you forget about yourself during the most exhausting weeks of never ending work and hustle. I get you, we all need to re-charge on our own – whether it’s through practicing daily habits or taking a day off to focus on ourselves only. Here are some of my favourite ways to unwind and put myself first when I need it most!

t i d y u pThe clutter in our minds is also affected by our surroundings – I remember my mum always used to tell me ‘a cluttered room = a cluttered mind’, so anytime I want to relax I make sure my room is (somewhat) tidy. I’m the kind of person who believes in living, more than caring about my stack of laundry being folded immediately, but I learnt that I do feel better once my stuff is put in its place, as I prefer a more minimalist approach to possessions nonetheless. So, fold that laundry, brush that floor and clean those surfaces – set up the foundation for an evening of pampering your soul! Don’t forget to put some music on, I love listening to soothing playlists including Dodie and Angel Snow ♥. declutter (2)On another note, I urge you to declutter your wardrobe, make up or general ‘crap’ stash – I find it to be the most therapeutic task ever. Take it by stages if you must. I believe living with things we absolutely love – the clothes we wear on an everyday basis, the products we use etc – reflect our self-love for what we ‘deserve’. Have you had times you didn’t wear something expensive that really fit you well, or looked absolutely amazing, just because you thought it was too dressy, and planned to keep it for years [in the wardrobe]? Everyday is a special occasion, and with a more minimalistic life you’ll really start to feel this way everyday.

If you need a little inspiration, you can check out my post about decluttering my make up collection herecandles3Lighting up candles, (especially the scented ones) not only makes the place feel a lot more cosy, warm and intimate but also sets your mind for relaxation (affecting your circadian rhythm in the evening). inspo2Once I’ve got my surroundings set I tend to lay down on my favourite piece of furniture in the universe (obviously) – bed – and tune in to online role models who never fail to inspire me. When I’m down or need a bit of a nudge of motivation I turn to advice videos including Mimi Ikonn, Ted Talks and even YouTubers who brighten up my day with their personas, taking for example Charles Gross. I also love listening to the #Girlboss Radio podcast – sign up for free email reminders once new episodes come out here. These include mostly interviews with CEOs and play a big role in inspiring my dream as an entrepreneur. affirmations2Emotionally encourage and support yourself. Ideally, we should positively affirm ourselves daily, each morning. What is an affirmation? It is a positive statement or mantra you tell yourself (about yourself) which self-empowers you and fosters a belief that anything is possible with a positive attitude. It is a recommended practice to achieve success and happiness, preached by many people of success. My affirmations change depending on how I feel, but usually go something like this:

I am a strong, healthy, loving and caring person. I trust the universe and I love myself unconditionally.

foodI believe that we show respect to our body through WHAT we eat – so in a perfect world I would eat some greens or make a smoothie during my self-care date. I don’t usually crave chocolate or ice cream on a daily basis, and tend to eat very intuitively, but when I need comforting, food does it for me – whether it is dairy-free ice cream or a bowl of potato wedges – treat yourself to whatever you are craving, but always try and make it healthier than the traditional version, and make sure you don’t make it an everyday habit but rather a very special treat.nailsHow we look, often determines how we feel, and it has been something I recently noticed on my own example. When I take time to groom myself, do my nails, take care of my body and treat it with respect providing it with best things to ‘maintain’ it – my confidence boosts and I feel happier. It doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t take three hours a day – it could be something as small as painting your nails before they become a chip-ville or spritzing some perfume before you go to bed. Go ahead and do that face mask, paint those nails and lather yourself in that body butter you’ve been saving for a special occasion, babe.journal22
If you’re holding onto some negative feelings – let them out on paper. If you don’t feel comfortable with letting it all out into your friend’s ears, a notebook and a pen work magic. If you feel better talking, set up a video memoir. Do whatever floats your boat, just remember, sweeping your problems under a rug will do absolutely nothing in the long term – find your way to let the tension out.

I hope by sharing some of my tips on what I do when life get’s a little too much, you can make time and give yourself the best self -care date that is tailored to you, and only you. At the end of the day your world revolves around you, so don’t forget to give back to yourself. We all have times when we spread ourselves too thin, so don’t ever feel guilty for making time for yourself. In a world that glorifies busy, let’s start glorifying rest instead.

Much love,
Karolina ♥

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