monochrome in fall | look of the day

I have been living in this white off shoulder top. Since downsizing my wardrobe in June, I have started to gravitate towards a capsule wardrobe goal and have been investing in basic, clean cut, earthy-toned statement items. Fall is in full bloom, but I still dig the monochrome, minimalistic wardrobe. Check out how and why I styled it the way I did in my first ‘look of the day’ post.

DSC00924-Edit 2 (1)

In this outfit, I’m focusing on two statement pieces: the off shoulder top and the midi, high-waisted skirt. As the top is cropped and makes my neck appear taller, the longer length of the skirt provides balance to the look. If you’re relatively short like me, it is always best to pair midi-skirts with a heeled shoe to elongate your legs and further balance things out.
DSC00757-Edit (2)

…can we appreciate the fact this skirt has pockets? (!) ♥


As the outfit is simple, you can get away with heavier accessorizing, this time however, I chose to go for long dainty earrings to further elongate my neck, along a subtle gold chain to add a delicate touch.


While the top and skirt aren’t tight, the accentuated waistline makes the outfit appear more put-together and ‘clean’. I have also rolled up the sleeves to create an effect of puffiness, to make the outfit a little more groovy.


To complete the outfit and add on to the neutral, classy vibe, I threw on my trusty, nude trench… and off to a busy business life, I go. (or so I think… 😉 )

Outfit details: 

Top: New Look
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
Earrings and Trench: Primark
Chain: Gift.









Thanks to Steeve (photography) and Devora (make-up) for collaborating with me on this post. Check out their social media channels for their amazing work!

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