blush bomber & navy velvet

I’ve been experimenting with my style a lot the past year – did you know I used to HATE wearing jeans? I was hooked on dresses and skirts and thought jeans made me look masculine, later realising I just wasn’t confident in pairing tops with bottoms, in an effortless manner. In the Fall season, the UK experiences a little roller-coaster of weather phases, once it being sunny and bearable, then extremely freezing and wet. This is one of those outfits I’d wear no matter of the weather, as it can be layered while still looking put together.


I now gravitate towards comfort on a daily basis, and was inspired to go against the typical fall colour scheme and embrace more of my favourite colours, while keeping things on the cooler side of the colour spectrum. You can easily wear this outfit throughout the seasons.

Going for a chilled-out femme-street-style vibe, I paired a feminine, strappy velvet bodysuit with a loose fitting pair of ripped jeans to contrast the top. I broke it down with a pair of black boots which tied in with a thick black belt, and rolled up my jeans to make ‘room’ for the shoes (and because I’m a short-ass).


To tone the outfit down and further add a touch of femininity (while keeping it edgy) I threw on a longline, satin blush bomber (which surprisingly keeps you quite warm!). For accessories, I went for simple is best with delicate golden hoops and a gold chain.


Thanks to Guille (photography) and Devora (make-up) for collaborating with me on this post. Check out their amazing work and Instagram profiles below!


In contrast to my outfit, Devora wore deep fall colours – a dark based, edgy outfit with a signature purple suede boot and a strong mustard statement scarf, tieing everything together with a strong bold bloody red lip and a cool double french braided style. For accessories, she pulled through a thick fabric choker, and a warm and cosy poncho to complete the outfit. And she’s rocking it!


dev (1)

Thanks to Guille (photography) and Devora (make-up) for collaborating with me on this post. Check out their social media channels for their amazing work!

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