most beautiful places I’ve seen (so far…) | top five

If you’re a fellow travel fanatic, you often might ask, or get asked the question “what’s your favourite/most beautiful place you’ve been to?”… After that question sneaking into conversations often, I thought the best way to answer would be through a post. So here they are, five of my favourite and most beautiful places I’ve seen in my twenty one years of life (in no particular order).

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Split, Croatia

And I thought nothing could ever come close to Santorini (!)… The water is just as blue. The heat is just as hot… but something about the nature, different varieties of beaches and buildings filled with history almost made Split even TOP Santorinis beauty. I think it is also due to the surprise factor and my lack of research when I was visiting Split. A MUST see, considering the value for money Croatia offers. Read more >>

Santorini, Greece

The dream destination I truly believed I’d never have the opportunity to experience. San-to-ri-ni. Does it get old hearing or reading about it everywhere? It’s not without reason. It’s a place you see in dreams, easy to imagine, and hard to believe what you see on the pictures is what you get. Well, trust me, the white and blue of Greece’s flag is all around you honey, you don’t even have to question where you are. Read more >>

Bruges, Belgium

“Bruges? Why aren’t we going to Brussels?” – I asked myself as I checked out the itinerary prepped by the interrailing company I booked my first interrailing experience with. I knew absolutely nothing about Bruges, and somehow that didn’t encourage me to get to know it before I visited. My uneducated opinion about this place was SO. FREAKING. WRONG. If I had of spent a quick second to type ‘Bruges’ into the almighty Google, I would quickly gotten to know what I almost missed out on. Fairytale, in all sense of the word. The town is a UNESCO site, what else do you need to hear? Read more >>

Ile de Re, France

I visited Ile de Re twice when I was attending a summer school in La Rochelle, both during rainy and sunny days, and I loved it during both. It feels as if time has stopped there. A place where technology almost didn’t make it. Damn, the tranquility of the towns make you wonder – do people even use things like internet here? A few words: flowers, chill vibes, window shutters and many, pastel colours.

The Algarve, Portugal

To be honest, The Algarve was on a tie with Stockholm. But fundamentally, as much love as I have for Stockholm, along with my desire to someday call it my home, The Algarve’s beauty is too astonishing. I STILL remember how seeing the cliffs made me feel. DAMN. Girl, you’re so lucky. Simply unforgettable… Read more >>

So, here they are, my top five places I’d recommend you visit in a heartbeat. How will it change in the next five or ten years? I’m excited to see which, if any of these places will remain on top.

Safe Travels,

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2 thoughts on “most beautiful places I’ve seen (so far…) | top five

  1. Lived in number for three years! Lovely city centre full of history! My top five? Tough one! Number one would probably the Drakensberg in South Africa (you just have to see this beauty for yourself), number 2: Cape Town (the mountains and the seaside are just incredible). Number 3: The mountains in Corsica, number 4 sunrise on an old temple in the jungle of El Mirador (Guatemala), number 5 the island of Shikoku in Japan. Maybe it will also change in the next 5 years 😉


    1. Ahhhh THIS IS AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for sharing! I am still yet to discover Africa as so far I’ve ‘only’ seen most of EU and some SE Asia, but I will definitely take note of these destinations! ♥

      Liked by 1 person

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