Waterfallin’ for Iceland… on a budget

A feeling of extreme desire towards a certain destination. You’ve visualised your experience, yet you never really thought about the execution of it. Thinking, it won’t happen ‘on-the-days’ but rather in the distant future. What’s a place that immediately popped into your mind?

Iceland was that kind of place for me.

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A Month in Sweden | Linköping

Living in Sweden. Yep, this isn’t just me frantically telling everyone about my 2018 vision board (THIS HAS BEEN ON IT!). Remember how I told you it’s going to happen this year? Well, let me tell you – a little bit of law of attraction blended with visualisation and a good-old, last-minute letter of motivation can go a long way honey.

Buckle in for a thing or two about what your girl learnt and loved about this kick-ass experience (because unforgettable is not strong enough, and a lil’ basic) *pretends she ain’t basic*.

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48 Hours in Luxembourg

A local friend, £15 return flight tickets = weekend of catch ups and discoveries in the city of Luxembourg. Having friends scattered across the globe is a real perk. I didn’t think I would get to travel much during my final year, but thankfully I was wrong. An invite from my Lux babe came my way, so I didn’t think twice about discovering this [very] little European gem. Here is what my quick weekend away consisted of (and it’s more than counting how many banks I saw across the city… ;)). When in Luxembourg, make sure you do the following… Continue reading

blush bomber & navy velvet

I’ve been experimenting with my style a lot the past year – did you know I used to HATE wearing jeans? I was hooked on dresses and skirts and thought jeans made me look masculine, later realising I just wasn’t confident in pairing tops with bottoms, in an effortless manner. In the Fall season, the UK experiences a little roller-coaster of weather phases, once it being sunny and bearable, then extremely freezing and wet. This is one of those outfits I’d wear no matter of the weather, as it can be layered while still looking put together.


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self care date | my routine

Life can get a little overwhelming at times, whether you’re an extroverted-introvert who needs time to re-charge their batteries from over-socializing, or you forget about yourself during the most exhausting weeks of never ending work and hustle. I get you, we all need to re-charge on our own – whether it’s through practicing daily habits or taking a day off to focus on ourselves only. Here are some of my favourite ways to unwind and put myself first when I need it most!

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My Year in Books

As the (in many ways terrific) year of 2016 has come to an end, it is only appropriate I take the time to look back at all the knowledge, positivity and different worlds I have picked up throughout it, giving you a glimpse of each along the way. Sit back, and enjoy the ride.

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Top 10 Tips for Starting University and What it Was Like for Me

It’s time to endeavor out on another life’s adventure and start a new era of your life. How should you begin it and what are some things to keep in mind? Here are some tips I wish someone had told me before my time at university.

Choosing the right university for you 

When it comes to choosing your home for the next three or four years, it’s important to consider the following: university and subject ranking, location, cost of living and student satisfaction. As my current uni (University of Surrey) is ranked as number one for my particular field of study, it was obvious it will land in my top five picks.

What I also paid a lot attention to however is the university accommodation and outdoors. Everybody desires to live in comfort and beautiful surroundings! The nature incorporated within the university grounds gave me space to chill out with friends and sometimes even study (I know, right!) but for the most part, it gave me a space where I could unwind and clear my mind.

Feeding the ducks on campus (October 2014).

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Where have you been girl?

Phew… you don’t even know how much time I had to take to come back here, at last. It was really hard. You know why? Because really, I would not even know what to write. But in the end eventually you need to collect it all and get back. So – here I am – I return and I hope that I never disappear again 🙂

As you know – I – a girl called Karolina, small town girl with big city dreams, started this blog to motivate people through sharing my honest thoughts, the good and the bad, and bring a little light to your day. One day I caught inspiration and I knew that I could not live without it.


In these four months, I incorporated my practice with great pleasure – it was my private remedy for a bad mood, problems, depression, any failure in life… I knew that writing and sharing my progress and thoughts can make every day better. That’s why I practiced it – and I loved it.

This gave me a certain distance to everything, but also a lot of mental strength – because it goes together, in spite of everything, in hand. My friends wondered how it is that this baby is in itself such a reserve of strength. Oh, I could do it! – I, myself was surprised that I could do more and more. I was involved in so many things all at once. For the person who has always had a lazy character, it was a big deal.

I felt great! I didn’t even know how much I could like the feeling of being so strong and independent, juggling so many things at once!

So what happened?

I think I can sum it up just so – life happened.

I remember New Year’s Eve at around midnight. I went outside to watch the fireworks, alone staring at the sky, thinking of things… I said to myself, “Kala, this will be your year! In the end, you’ll show what you can do! Damn… “. Everything was going good, with regular revision, pretty healthy diet and ambitious plans associated with it. I always dreamed of working with people, showing them that keeping on your feet – busy is a natural antidepressant. And what? Karolina started to slack – because it just so happens that I took too much onto my plate. I promised myself that I will not waste what I achieved and I will continue to exercise and stick to my (many) resolutions. So I did, but over time it became terribly difficult. It was not about a lack of motivation. Rather, lack of strength. It was about the fact that nothing was relaxing anymore. It’s not about that sitting in the library (studying) is agony, but the responsibility with which every move I took involved. Continuous stress eventually hit me.

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