When a Girl Goes Bare Faced

Why are some of us not comfortable living our lives bare faced?  What really is stopping us from embracing our imperfections and can a few pimples affect our feeling of self worth and confidence with time? I, a strong believer of ‘change your look, change your life’ have taken a step to own my imperfect skin and share my experience as I go. Continue reading


5 Natural Beauty Alternatives To Swap For Today!

I have always been intrigued by how many cosmetic products women (and modern men) use on an everyday basis. It gave me some food for thought, because as much as we enjoy using them, it doesn’t always feel right to pack your skin with chemicals that don’t naturally occur in our bodies. For this reason I have been trying to incorporate products with more natural ingredients into my everyday routine and here are a few with which you can start your natural beauty journey today! Continue reading